Communio Calling

Infused with the values of our Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition, Communio Calling, is a dynamic conversation and connection point for the Good Samaritan Education community and beyond to nurture and share story, faith, and life.

The monthly podcast series, hosted by Gabrielle Sinclair, provides accessible engaging formation resources in your pocket. Communio Calling aims to build communio by sharing the stories and experience of Good Samaritan Education as we learn and grow together, attending with the ear of the heart. Join us as we progress on this way of life and faith together. 


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2021 Episodes 

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CC All Benedictine Saints

Episode bonus

All Benedictine Saints

In this bonus episode, we will hear from a few familiar voices as we celebrate the feast of All Benedictine saints. Guests were asked to share about a favourite or perhaps lesser-known Benedictine Saint, so sit back for some reflections on others that have traced the path of Benedict before us. 
Elizabeth Brennan sgs
Christine Manning sgs
Pat O’Gorman
Clare Condon sgs
and Moira Nadjecki

Episode FOUR

Claiming our Voice

Catherine Slattery sgs and
Dr Frank Pitt

In conversation with Catherine Slattery sgs and Dr Frank Pitt we take a look at the foundational Good Samaritan Education document – The Statement of the Voice and Experience of Women in Leadership.

We take a look at the realities that shape this document and the accountability it calls us to. It is a unique and living document that challenges and informs the necessary social critique to be attentive to the signs of the times and claim our voice.

Episode Three


Clare Condon sgs

In this episode, we hear from the former congregational leader of the Good Sams, Clare Condon sgs. Clare’s intimate grasp of living the Good Samaritan Benedictine life and her deep understanding and history with Good Samaritan Education make her a unique person to speak to our community of discernment and breaking open a clarity on not just doing discernment, rather, the Benedictine concept of discernment as a way of living, ever listening and responding to the call of God. 

Clare’s content for this episode is from a presentation given to the Good Samaritan Education Assembly Members at the beginning of 2021. 

Episode Transcript 

Episode TWO

Exploring Communio

Pat O’Gorman

Good Samaritan Education’s formation theme for 2021 is  Communio. In conversation with host and colleague Gabrielle Sinclair, GSE’s own Director of Formation and Mission Integration, Pat O’Gorman, shares her insights and story as we explore what this word “communio” is all about.  

Join Gabrielle and Pat as they take deep dive into what communio means for GSE and our community of communities. 

Episode Transcript 

BONUS Episode

In All Things

Gen Bryant

We just couldn’t wait to share with you, our new sound.

Continuing our 10-year celebrations we commissioned a song to celebrate and capture elements of our Good Samaritan Benedictine charism

‘How do you capture a dynamic living charism in a few verses?’, I hear you ask. Find out as we chat with singer-songwriter Gen Bryant and be the first to hear ‘In All Things’ in full. It is sure to complement the already strong culture of music and song in our communities prayer, liturgies and eucharist celebrations.

Communio Calling presents
In All Things by Gen Bryant.

Download the lyrics here.

In All Things is available through Willow Publishing

Episode ONE

10 Years along the way of life and faith

Terry Creagh and Kay Herse

In celebration of the journey of the last 10 years,  we will hear from two vital voices who helped shape the story of Good Samaritan Education – Terry Creagh, Good Samaritan Education’s inaugural Governing Council Chair and Kay Herse, our first Executive Director.

A  rich conversation sharing the journey of discernment of the Good Sams that resulted in the establishment of Good Samaritan Education.  Terry and Kay’s passion and deep faith are inspirational and their experience and insight teach us a great deal about the legacy and treasure entrusted to Good Samaritan Education.

Episode Transcript