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Benedictine Wisdom beneath the Southern Cross

BENet is the regular gathering of the International Commission on Benedictine Education (ICBE).
Good Samaritan Education hosted BENet in September 2019.

Our Theme – Australia as the setting for BENet 2019 invited participants to explore the fusion of ancient and new in the Benedictine tradition as well as in Australian society and culture. The theme, Benedictine wisdom beneath the Southern Cross, was chosen to express this fusion and to highlight the richness and blessings it will bring. BENet 2019 explored new models of governance in education embracing the diverse expressions of Benedictine spirituality of visitors from every continent and from across Australia.

Keynote Resources

Presidential Address

Abbot Elias Lorenzo

Benedictine Wisdom beneath the Southern Cross

Terry Creagh

Living into collaboratively carrying forth Benedictine Practices and Wisdom

Kathy Cox

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GSE Story

BENet 6

BENet 4

BENet 10

BENet Concluding Mass

GSE Mission Leaders 2

BENet 7

Brazil 2022

Michael Casey ocso

BENet Bushdance

GSE Volunteers

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Abbot Elias Address

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