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The Triennial Conference is a key initiative of Good Samaritan Education to foster communio, inspire and together engage in the ongoing formation and collective creative endeavour that is this ministry of Catholic Education in the Good Samaritan Benedictine Tradition. 

The invitation to the Triennial Conference is directed to GSE Board Directors, and their committee members, to Company Members, our School Leadership teams and their emerging leaders. 

Our Conference theme for 2022 is active, providing opportunities to animate both the lived experience and the dynamic potential of Good Samaritan Education as we embark on the next ten years. See below.


Opening in May

Our Theme

Echoing the movements of Lectio – open and attentive, ponder, digest, and become the Word — our theme invites us to reimagine and recommit our personal, local, and global efforts and encounters as co-creators in Christ’s mission.

“Listen”, is not only the first word of the Rule of Benedict but is often said to be a good summation of the rule and Benedict’s vision for the community. Listen and attend is no passive directive; it requires our full-bodied attention to focus our energy on the other, to lean in, to be open. Active listening involves curiosity and questioning. Are all voices being heard? What voices are missing? Are we leaving silence for the Holy Spirit?

Taking stock and examining our “being” begs the existential question, who are we? Good Samaritan Education as a community of communities exists through individuals, local communities, and in communion with national and universal church entities. So, then, how do our values, our voice and our actions participate in and contribute to the growth of Christ’s mission? How are we engaging in the complexities of the contemporary landscape of education and church?

In Benedictine tradition, transformation is a lifelong commitment to “conversion”. It is acknowledging that we are always learning; we have never fully arrived. It is a commitment to always beginning again, to know that we will falter, and yet always with fidelity to our particular way of being. Transformation is about continuing the journey of becoming, preferring nothing whatever to Christ.

Our theme of this sacred journey is mirrored in the Benedictine vows of obedience (from the Latin root – listen), stability and conversion of life. So here is where we lay our scene as we reflect, explore, and expand our capacity to embrace our role as co-creators in Christ.  


When registration opens in May participants will choose from a variety of workshop options across the below seven contexts:

Ecological Conversion

Synodal Church

Lay Ecclesial Ministry



Building Bridges