New Appointment to Director Mission Integration

Feb 13, 2017

Ms Patricia O’Gorman has commenced in her new role as the Director Mission Integration for GSE following her appointment announced in September last year. Pat has worked in Catholic education in the Wollongong Diocese for 36 years leaving her latest role as Senior Professional Officer, Leadership and Professional Growth in the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Wollongong in December.┬áPat has been a GSE Member and member of the Governing Council for the last four years.

Pat brings a wealth of experience in education and formation to the role of Director Mission Integration. She was educated by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and, as a Good Samaritan Oblate and GSE member, she is deeply imbued with the spirituality and tradition of the Sisters, the parable of the Good Samaritan and of Benedictine life and faith. She has been a participant in the work of the foundation years of Good Samaritan Education and has a strong grasp of the governance and formation imperatives for GSE as a new Ministerial PJP. Her work with the Catholic Education Office, Wollongong, has also provided rich experience in the wider Church and across many aspects of education and the work of schools.