Mater Dei Celebrates the Feast of St Benedict

Aug 13, 2012

Everybody Dance Now…!!

Surely St Benedict was smiling as the Mater Dei students celebrated his feast day in July. As the mantra for Mater Dei students is INCLUSION FOR ALL, Good Samaritan College students from St Mary’s Wollongong, St Patrick’s Campbelltown, St Scholastica’s Glebe as well as St Gregory’s Campbelltown, Mount Carmel Varroville and Magdalene Catholic High School Narellan joined in to celebrate.


The visiting students were invited to share their artistic skills to paint butterflies and hearts on the Mater Dei students’ faces and transform their hair with coloured hair-spray. It was amazing how still the younger Mater Dei students were as the visitors delicately painted their cheeks and softly talked to them about their school. Also visitors from Magdalene Catholic High School shared in the Theatre Sports with the Mater Dei students. There was pop-corn for everyone to share and specially iced cupcakes topped off with a blue Benedictine cross.


Mater Dei’s Sister Carmela Ritchie School Hall came alive with the St Gregory’s College band as they played a wonderful variety of music and Mater Dei students and staff danced the afternoon away.  Girls from St Patrick’s College, clad in beautiful multi-coloured traditional dresses, charmed everyone as they too danced with  the students in the newly landscaped courtyard connecting the Hall to the staff room. The Mater Dei girls particularly enjoyed the visiting boys’ band and the boys enjoyed dancing with St Pat’s girls!

St Patrick’s dancers charmed everyone!


All in all the day fittingly honoured St Benedict and embodied his gifts of community, hospitality and peace.