Good Samaritan Education Student Leadership Camp

Dec 4, 2012

As preparations are underway for the 2013 Student Leadership Camp, Bridget Haywood reflects on her experiences at the 2012 camp. Bridget was the 2012 School Captain at St Mary Star of the Sea, Wollongong, and is returning as an ex-student presenter at the 2013 camp.

The Good Samaritan Leadership Camp was truly a doorway to leadership. It is, without exaggeration, an experience that shaped the rest of my time as College Captain.


Generally, the first steps in a leadership role are daunting. It is a time of excitement but also of unease. Will you be able to live up to the role you are undertaking? Is the stress going to be too much? Will your studies be affected? They are questions I faced personally and they are no doubt faced by many in leadership positions. The Leadership Camp allowed me to set them aside and to focus on the time ahead. Through the rewarding exercises, activities and workshops I was able to cast aside the worries that restrained my ability to lead and to learn what it means to be College Captain.


During the camp I was challenged to become a Good Samaritan in my school, wider community and world. In bringing together students from Good Samaritan Colleges across Australia my experience of our community was widened. I have made lasting friendships and felt the interconnectedness that is at the heart of the Sisters. Spending time with other leaders brainstorming ideas and sharing common ground made me feel confident in my role and helped me to have a sense of the bigger picture, the bigger family which the Sisters have built and to feel like an honorary Good Sam. It is a feeling that will never leave me.


There is a saying at my school ‘Once a St Mary’s girl, always a St Mary’s girl.’ In reality it is, ‘Once a Good Sam Student, always a Good Sam student.’


Bridget Haywood

St Mary’s Wollongong