Good Sam Student Leadership Camp

Mar 18, 2013

Over the Australia Day weekend, 39 student leaders from Good Samaritan schools came together to understand the meaning and practical application of leadership in the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition. They discovered much more about what they have in common…


At the end of the holidays, I was fortunate enough to attend a Good Samaritan Leadership Camp. We began at St Scholastica’s, where we learnt about our Good Samaritan history, and then later that day took a bus to the Mount St Benedict Centre.
Throughout the three days we participated in many group activities, and met leaders from different Good Samaritan schools. There were even two schools over from Melbourne!

The first night we shared a PowerPoint displaying our schools, and what makes them unique. We soon discovered that we had many similarities but gained some great ideas from other schools. In the days that followed, we looked at our school’s origins, while comparing ideas with the other girls. Two sessions I particularly enjoyed, were hearing from our school principals and ex-captains. The captains shared their experiences of leadership with us in three different groups, then we would rotate, so we heard from all three. Seeing Gabby (our ex Stella captain) was exciting for us, and they all gave us great
tips. It was interesting to hear from all of them, because they all had completely different, yet effective styles of leadership.

In our lunch breaks and free time, we had a great time bonding with the other leaders, and we are still in contact now. I think that meeting the other leaders was the best part
of the camp, because we all had so much in common, but were different enough to learn from each other. I know that our school got some great ideas for fundraising, and school activities, just from talking to the other girls. The camp was an amazing experience and Sister Meg and Monica went to a lot of effort to coordinate it all. We all had a fantastic time meeting each other, and learning about the history of our schools, so all of us are very grateful for this experience.

Violet Warner, Stella Maris College


During late January, just as we were all ready to head back to school, 39 students from Good Samaritan schools across Australia attended a GSE Student Leadership Camp at St Scholastica’s College, Glebe, and the Mount St Benedict Centre, Pennant Hills. For a total of 48 hours, an incredible amount was achieved – new friendships were formed, new ideas were created and new information was absorbed; it was an incredible experience.

The camp was packed full of so many activities and opportunities. It began with an insight into the way of the Good Samaritan Sisters, a tour of the convent and a look at the various school’s histories.

That night saw an opportunity to introduce our schools and how the Good Samaritan values were evident throughout them. There were so many ideas and events and it was amazing to see the massive similarities but vast differences throughout the schools. It helped us to feel very connected and the pride that each student had in their school was so clearly evident.

Sr Meg Kahler taught us about leadership under the Rule of St Benedict and how this impacted on the way we treated others and the way we approached year 12, while Monica Dutton taught us techniques on how to balance our lives during our final year of secondary school and various principals came and talked about their experience with the Good Sams.

One activity in particular was really enjoyed by all the leaders; past College Captains from St Mary Star of the Sea, Stella Maris and Mount St Benedict visited us and shared their words of wisdom. They used the topics Motivation, Balance and Communication to give us some tips for the year ahead. This was really appreciated by everyone and we really took everything they had to say on board.

We also had the opportunity to discuss events and ideas from each of the schools to implement during our time as leaders. This was particularly beneficial as each of the schools had such incredible ideas that everyone left with a plan to implement during the year.

The camp was an incredible learning opportunity and one that I highly recommend to all school leaders. I made some incredibly inspiring friends that I continue to keep in contact with as well as share some memories and laughs. The camp made me excited for the year ahead and so many of the ideas we had are already in motion at school.

A special thank you to Sr Meg and Monica for their enthusiastic and continued support as well as organising the event.

Bridget Backhouse, Mater Christi College