"We intend to establish a school for the Lord's service” RB Prol 45


The role of Director in a Good Samaritan College offers an opportunity to work in partnership with others in the ministry of education within the mission of the Church. The Directors ensure that the best possible educational opportunities are offered to students within a faith community.

People of good will, from all walks of life, may be appointed as Directors. The foremost requirement is that each comes with his or her own life experience, knowledge and gifts, and is prepared to share them for the benefit of the school community.

Directors should have a sincere desire to grow in closeness to God, to live the Gospel life and to listen to the voice of the Spirit in order to contribute fully to the work of the Board.

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Good Samaritan Education invites people willing to contribute to the ongoing development of Catholic education in the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition to share in the privilege and responsibility of ensuring that this educational ministry is carried forward with fidelity and vitality into the future.

For further information E-mail: executivedirector@goodsameducation.org.au