"Serve one another with love” RB 2:30

Our Governance


The heart of Good Samaritan Education is its Members as they carry the responsibility of ensuring that the ecclesial nature of Good Samaritan Education is maintained and nurtured. The Members have the task of living and modelling the spirituality of communion that derives from being part of the Church communion.

Good Samaritan Education consists of at least 15 Members who are admitted in accordance with the requirements of its Statutes: one nominated by each of the Bishops of the five dioceses in which Good Samaritan schools are situated; three Good Samaritan Sisters nominated by the Superior; and others as nominated by the Superior.

From among this group, a minimum of seven Members are elected by their peers to the Governing Council. The Governing Council is authorised to act in the name of Good Samaritan Education.

Each Good Samaritan Education Member is also a Member of the Company for either one or two Good Samaritan schools and, as such, is involved in the life of the school communities.

College Company Structure

Each of the ten Good Samaritan Colleges is incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001. Each company has been formed for purposes beneficial to the community and is governed according to its Constitution. The Company Membersof each College are appointed by the Governing Council. They represent and are accountable to Good Samaritan Education through the Governing Council for ensuring that the charism of Good Samaritan Education is central to all of the educational endeavours of the College.

The Board of Directors of each College company provides governance in that College community. Directors are appointed by the Company Members and the Board is accountable to them for the conduct of the ministry of the school. The role of Director in a Good Samaritan school offers an opportunity to work in partnership with others in the ministry of education within the mission of the Church.

The Principalis appointed by the Board with the approval of the Company Members and the Governing Council. S/he is responsible for the leadership and management of the College according to the policies of the Board and is accountable to the Board for her or his performance.


Each College is accountable to Good Samaritan Education for the Catholic ethos and mission of the College, embodied in the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition, and for the administration of the temporal goods assigned to it for its work.

Each College has due autonomy according to its Constitution and exercises its mission within a particular local community, administering its temporal goods according to local circumstances. All Colleges operate collaboratively and contribute to the common good of Good Samaritan Education.