"Seek peace and pursue it” RB Prol 17

Benedictine Spirituality

Good Samaritan Education draws its inspiration from the Rule of St Benedict, a spiritual treasure dating from the sixth century. Benedict’s Rule continues to speak over centuries and across continents to the spiritual yearning of countless women and men.

The text of the Rule is remarkably brief, but it is refreshingly realistic in its understanding of who people are, and who they can become.

We become our true selves and best selves when we remember, says Benedict, to love God and neighbour – both the neighbour beyond the community and the often more demanding neighbour at home.

Though written for a group of monks, there are lessons for all contemporary people; lessons about mercy and humility, about hospitality and caring and welcome.

The Rule is intended for those who seek peace. It speaks about acceptance, compassion, and a commitment to prayer and work. It offers insightful advice to those who want to restore balance to fractured lives.

The Rule draws its language and imagery from the Bible, particularly from the Gospel, that Good News of Jesus which Benedict called “the truest of guides for human life”.